Westrul Kobold Caverns (Part 2)
Because a properly defensible cavern complex always comes in two parts.

Upon further descent into the caverns, the group came upon a large room with a high platform in the middle, a cauldron of some sort sitting on top of it. Harald was able to discern that some form of trap had been set in the room. This turned out to be scything swaths of acid which nearly killed Aramil several times, but the group was eventually able to squeeze its way through crevices in the walls of the room to “safety.”

Granted, safety meant finding themselves in an enormous cavern through which ran acidic streams, culminating in a roaring waterfall which dropped off into the distance to such depths that the eye could not see. There also turned out to be a spider hiding in the dangerous streams of all places, a spider which promptly attacked Aramil. After a short spat with the spider, which vanished back beneath the liquid’s surface, Aramil made an attempt at clearing one of the streams by leaping over it. He leaped too far and promptly fell into yet more acid.

Fall made a detour but eventually met up with Harald again (Harald had been attempting to protect Aramil from a second spider ambush), and the two discovered a pathway which led behind the waterfall to some sort of large hall with decorative sculpting, murals, and doorways.

Aramil remained in the cavern above where he found a patch of humming mushrooms, from which he accidentally inhaled some spores and began to hum uncontrollably to himself.

Nevertheless he brought one of the mushrooms below to show to Harald, while Fall proceeded to raid everything he could find from the adjacent rooms, as he was accustomed to doing. When they had finally regrouped, the three of them proceeded up a large stairway, atop which they met Vronstadt the dragon, who was in the process of dismembering several kobolds.

The dragon made an inquisition as to the group’s identity and purpose, and they responded in an upfront matter that they intended to kill the kobold wyrmpriest. The dragon claimed he had actually intended to do this himself but that he would rather they do it anyway.

The wyrmpriest did not provide too much of a challenge for the group, who expertly navigated a large, swinging, wooden platform to make their way up to raised pathways allowing easy shots at the kobolds below.

The dragon seemed at least marginally pleased with the party’s efforts and commissioned them to go below the kobold caverns and find a magic satchel in exchange for riches. The party seemed to like the idea of riches. They agreed.

The Farms Burn!

In the daylight’s waning hours, a huge black plume of smoke was spotted to the west of Highclaw. A trek to the west revealed the farmlands of the valley were ablaze.

Two Clawguards looked down on a lone man fighting wildly against a band of kobolds. One of the guards tried to convince his archer companion to shoot the man before he lead them up the cliff, something the archer was not keen on. The hasty guard explained to us that the bulk of the Clawguard was drawn off by a large kobold force, too far to the south to be of any help to us. Our group managed to persuade him to spare the struggling man’s life long enough to give us a chance to drive back the kobolds ourselves.

We descended the southwest spiral staircase, shoving boulders down at the kobolds as we approached. Before we could make it to the valley floor, the man was downed by the lizard-men, who happily turned on us as we made the last few steps.

Fortunately they were less of a threat for our group of three, and we managed to slay the lot of them. But the man was badly wounded, and the farmland was still burning…

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