You find yourself in a town atop a cliff on the edge of a barren desert. By day the people of Highclaw scrap together a living and brave the valley below, constantly threatened by kobolds and other, stranger creatures which make their homes in the nearby rocky crags or the Windswept Desert to the south. By night the desert’s namesake screams across the land, a wind which picks up the sharp grains of sand and creates a natural force too powerful for the average person to survive.

Even so, the town of Highclaw has gotten by. Ever since it conquered the desert and established its throne atop the cliff, it has survived through time-tested techniques which have yielded sufficient food, lodgings, and comfort.

But without warning, Highclaw finds itself in need of heroes…

Come, Settle In

(Narrative voice ends) So I don’t know if you have fancy tutorial videos popping up for you like I did for me, but basically:

Click the “Adventure Log” tab for our ongoing story. I used The Farms Burn! as the intro even though two of you did have that mini-encounter where you accidentally set an individual barn aflame prior to that.

Click the “Wiki” tab for all sorts of awesome information about the setting and anything else we might add. Perhaps that incident I mentioned earlier could be chronicled here instead.

If you like, you can add your character under the “Characters” tab. You can also find some NPCs there, but their descriptions haven’t really been fleshed out yet.

We can’t use the forum ‘cause it’s not free, and there are no maps I’d like to post, at least as of now, but I suppose if you want to make a comment under the “Comments” tab you could always do that!


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