The Farms Burn!

In the daylight’s waning hours, a huge black plume of smoke was spotted to the west of Highclaw. A trek to the west revealed the farmlands of the valley were ablaze.

Two Clawguards looked down on a lone man fighting wildly against a band of kobolds. One of the guards tried to convince his archer companion to shoot the man before he lead them up the cliff, something the archer was not keen on. The hasty guard explained to us that the bulk of the Clawguard was drawn off by a large kobold force, too far to the south to be of any help to us. Our group managed to persuade him to spare the struggling man’s life long enough to give us a chance to drive back the kobolds ourselves.

We descended the southwest spiral staircase, shoving boulders down at the kobolds as we approached. Before we could make it to the valley floor, the man was downed by the lizard-men, who happily turned on us as we made the last few steps.

Fortunately they were less of a threat for our group of three, and we managed to slay the lot of them. But the man was badly wounded, and the farmland was still burning…



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